Men’s Fashion Basics: The Other 6 Items


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Following on from last week’s article on 6 pieces of clothing that all of you guys out there should be wearing, I decided to write a further six because I really am running out of ideas on what to write about these days. No that’s a lie, it was mainly due to the response the article got from you guys and also because I couldn’t help thinking that there were a few prime suspects missing from our line-up. So, as with the last article, try and view these as twelve items that you should be checking off your list to have in wardrobe. These are the clothes that you will be able to reach for time after time to provide you with classic style and versatility which you can then build more fashion-forward pieces around.

The (other) Super Six
  1. A White V-neck T-shirt – Really surprised I didn’t include this in the first six but I’m more a shirt man myself so the white oxford-cloth took poll position. However, for those of you out there who aren’t big fans of shirts, then view this as your go-to alternative. Seriously, it goes with everything! Under a blazer or a cardigan. With Jeans or chinos. But always looks it’s best paired with the next item…
  2. A Black Leather Jacket – Try to go for one in a bomber-style to ensure you’ll always have a classic stylish jacket that you can lean on when the time calls with it. As I said, pair it with the white tee and dark indigo jeans for a great weekend look or try wearing it over a shirt and tie combination along with some camel chinos as well for a perfect outfit for heading into town with.
  3. Grown-up Trainers – We’re all guilty of this one I’m sure but it really has to stop! Leave the knackered converse in the bin and save those dirty K-swiss for the gym OK guys? The key is buying classic trainers that are simple and striped down and there really are only four that always stick in my mind as versatile and classic for all occasions. I’m talking Adidas Stan Smith’s in white or the Samba’s in black, Converse Jack Purcell’s and Lacoste Tourelle (again in white). Try to keep them clean as well guys, so use some polish or whitener every now and again please. It’s the difference between a boy and a man. And lest we forget women always judge us by our shoes too.
  4. A Dark Solid Tie – I’m thinking in black, navy, grey or a nice deep red. This will always serve you well when you need to smarten yourself up a little bit for a special occasion. Wear it with the white shirt, blazer and jeans for an easy take on smart casual or with the shirt and the grey suit for work days or weddings.
  5. Chinos – Just take a look at all the recent articles on this website and others like it to see that chino’s are going to bigger than jeans this summer. Go for some in a neutral colour such as navy and grey to maximise their versatility especially if you’re not normally one to wear them. However, if you want classic, versatile and still great for the summer, pick up a camel coloured pair. This way you’ll be hitting classic American prep this summer as well as not having to deal with the sweat-fest that is jeans on those hot summer afternoons.
  6. An Overcoat – this is especially important for us Brits but really is the basis for any successful business wardrobe too. When buying one, always take a suit jacket with you because that’s what you’ll be wearing it over most of the time. No good buying one that won’t fit you with your nine’s on, right? And they should always be just above the knee, mid-shin = bathrobe. Again, go for neutrals like grey, navy, black or camel (maybe even a tweed) but once you’ve got it get some use out of it! Wear it with the jeans, the shirt, the t-shirt, the sweater as well as your grey suit.

So, there you have guys, combined with last week’s article you now have twelve items that every guy out there should have residing in their wardrobe of dreams. If not, well, what does that say about you then? I’d suggest that next payday you get right on with collecting them all my dear friend. Then keep your eyes peeled for next week’s article on how to decide what kind of casually dressed man you are and how to decide what clothes to have to best reflect it.


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