Top 7 spring fashion trends for 2024 and where to buy them


As the season of new beginnings unfolds, blooming flowers signal the arrival of spring across the country. And just as the world around us bursts into life, our fashion choices ought to flourish as well. Here are the key fashion trends for Spring 2024, inviting you to explore fresh styles you can add to your wardrobe.

Spring is the best time to bask in floral prints and soft shades. This year, especially, we’re spotting more feminine silhouettes and delicate details trending for spring season outfits.

Spring fashion trends 2024

The Spring Season 2024 (SS24) collections from luxury fashion houses like Gucci, Prada and Hermès paint a vivid narrative centred around the popularity of hot shorts as the ultimate must-have for spring fashion. Meanwhile, on the runways of Valentino, Christian Dior, Victoria Beckham, Stella McCartney and Michael Kors, the allure of crisp white dresses dominated SS24. Bottega Veneta, Fendi and Staud, on the other hand, embraced the sky blue colour in flowy silhouettes.

Redefining classic spring fashion, iconic brands like Chanel, Saint Laurent and Ralph Lauren featured high-rise trousers. Simultaneously, designer labels such as Alexander McQueen, Balmain, Christian Cowan, Christian Siriano and Zimmermann went with rosy themes in their SS24 pieces.

Shining lilac also emerged as a prominent hue in the latest spring fashion trends. Brands like Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and Dolce & Gabbana showcased their mastery with sheer fabrics, bringing them centre stage for spring.

For spring fashion for women, white isn’t just neutral — it is a versatile canvas for a variety of styles. From pure snow white to cosy ivory and shiny pearl, there are so many shades to choose from. Designers used different fabrics and cuts to give depth and detail to white outfits. Whether it’s a dress or a shirt, variations of white effortlessly embody the essence of spring clothing.

Sky blue

The one colour you must incorporate while building your new season wardrobe is sky blue. The pastel hue offers endless possibilities for experimentation and expression. The icy shade on chiffon, the shimmering effect of light blue satin and the softness of pastel blue cotton are some of the ways to play with this shade across various fabrics.

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Luscious lilac

A rising star in the spring palette is lilac, a delicate pinkish-violet hue that adds a breath of fresh air to your everyday wardrobe. Dresses, skirts, tops and jumpsuits in this feminine shade will let you ace the latest spring trends.

Sheer fabrics

A prominent trend showcased across numerous SS24 collections was the sheer skirt. Garments crafted from delicate fabrics such as tulle, mesh and chiffon emerged as favourites for the season. Go with see-through dresses, tops and skirts to get an easy, breezy, and stylish look.

Rose affair

A budding trend for the blossoming season is the infusion of rose-inspired elements into SS24 styles. Luxury designers included dresses resembling delicate rose buds, prints bringing out the beauty of the flower and various other interpretations of floral patterns. To hop on this trend, get garments adorned with rosy details to bloom amidst the season’s floral inspiration.

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Short shorts

A quintessential staple, shorts are a must-have for spring and summer. They’re comfy, stylish and fun, and they let you move freely and stay cool during warm weather. The secret lies in selecting structured styles. Opt for tailored shorts made from sturdy fabrics, complete with pockets and pleats that transition seamlessly from everyday wear to vacation outfits.


Smart, casual trousers are the new cool, transitioning from formal to holiday wear. This spring as well, if you’re looking to put together a sophisticated outfit, style it around a pair of high-rise trousers. Go with wide-leg trousers in pastel or muted shades.

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Styling guide for this spring season

Among the spring season favourites for 2024 are micro trends such as peep-toe footwear, ballet flats, polo shirts, trench coats and cherry red styles. Styling these pieces can create ensembles that truly stand out.

To enhance your look, consider incorporating elements of the quiet luxury aesthetic. Pair bold florals with tailored, logo-free styles to strike the perfect balance.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– What are the spring fashion trends of 2024?

Some of the most eye-catching styles trending for spring in 2024 are rose-inspired printed garments, tailored shorts, high-rise trousers, white, sky blue and lilac colours, see-through styles, peep-toe footwear, ballet flats and trench coats.

– What clothing styles are popular in spring?

A pair of tailored shorts, high-rise trousers, sheer styles, a trench coat and rose-inspired printed garments are some of the popular styles to wear for the spring season.

– What is the most popular colour to wear in spring?

Shades and tones of white, sky blue and lilac are some of the most sought-after colours in Spring 2024.

– How do I wear a spring outfit?

This spring, you can wear an outfit that is in line with 2024 fashion trends, which include styles in colours such as pristine white, sky blue and lilac. Creating ensembles with pieces in sheer fabrics and blooming roses is another way to ace the trends. Include a pair of mini shorts or high-rise trousers in your outfit to look your best for spring. Style your looks with trendy footwear, such as ballet flats and peep-toe footwear.


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