How Perfect Corp.’s Technology Has Helped Drive Growth For Companies Across The Global Beauty, Skin, and Fashion Sectors


NEW TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN / ACCESSWIRE / March 13, 2024 / Perfect Corp. (NYSE:PERF) is advancing technology innovation in the beauty and fashion industries, offering AI and AR solutions that it reports have significantly impacted businesses across various sectors. It says its technology has proven to be a game-changer for companies ranging from luxury beauty, fashion brands and skincare clinics to hair care brands and major film studios, driving growth and enhancing customer engagement.

Industry-Wide Impact

The transformative power of advanced AI and AR technologies in the beauty industry is not limited to a single sector or application. These innovations have made significant strides in areas ranging from medical aesthetics to retail and entertainment. In medical aesthetics, AI skin analysis tools have led to an upsurge in patient visits and enhanced treatment experiences. Retailers leveraging virtual try-on technologies report increases in customer engagement and sales, showcasing the tech’s ability to revolutionize the online shopping experience. Similarly, the film industry has seen a notable impact, with AR applications contributing to the promotional success of major cinematic releases. These diverse applications underscore the far-reaching influence of AI and AR technologies in reshaping various business landscapes – and companies like Perfect Corp. have several success stories to share as examples of the transformative nature of this technology for businesses and individuals.

Hair Color With Aveda

Aveda is a pioneer in natural and organic beauty products, particularly in hair color, and took a significant leap in enhancing its online customer engagement with Perfect Corp’s technology. Aveda introduced an augmented reality (AR) virtual color try-on experience on its website. This feature combines AI and AR technology to offer customers a realistic preview of different hair colors, thereby encouraging them to visit Aveda’s partner salons. After implementing this feature, Aveda saw a 220% increase in website traffic to the try-on tool, a significant uptick in traffic to its salon locator, 112% higher dwell time on its website and a boost to the average order value. Perfect Corp’s technology was instrumental in bridging the gap between concept and reality that directly boosted Aveda’s business through an engaging and realistic hair color experience.

Skin Analysis With Valmont

Perfect Corp. has joined forces with the renowned skincare brand Valmont to enhance the online shopping experience for skincare products. The collaboration introduced V-FIRM, a series of expert treatments aimed at enhancing skin volume and firmness. The AI solution delivers a precise skin analysis by evaluating various skin metrics, including firmness, wrinkles, radiance, fatigue and hydration, to provide users with a personalized skin score and a tailored Valmont skincare routine. Fabienne Le Tadic, Valmont Group’s Chief Strategy Officer, and Alice Chang, Founder and CEO of Perfect Corp, have both emphasized the AI skin analysis solution’s role in providing adequate and customized recommendations and meeting the growing demand for unique online shopping experiences for Valmont customers across more than 50 countries.

AI Hairstyle Virtual Try-On With TRESemmé

The hair care company TRESemmé has also embraced Perfect Corp’s technology to enhance customer experience. Its brand is known for its diverse range of hair care products catering to a variety of needs, so it has incorporated an AI-powered virtual try-on tool on its website. This feature allows users to experiment with different hairstyles, enabling them to envision and try different salon-quality styles virtually. It also gives tutorials and personalized product recommendations to show consumers how to do the hairstyle at home easily. This integration enriches the online shopping experience while aligning with the company’s broader efforts to empower consumers and support diversity and inclusion in the beauty industry. In short, the AI hairstyle virtual try-on exemplifies a fusion of technology and hair care expertise to better meet evolving consumer needs through an interactive and engaging tool.

Paramount Pictures And ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

This sweeping industry-wide impact is also illustrated in the entertainment industry, where innovative AR solutions have opened new doors for film marketing. A prime example of this is how Paramount Global’s use of Perfect Corp.’s technology for ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ exemplified the innovative use of AR in film marketing. The campaign allowed fans to engage with the movie through virtual try-ons of aviator sunglasses and flight helmets, creating a unique, immersive experience. This digital engagement contributed significantly to the movie’s marketing strategy, helping it become the highest-grossing domestic release of 2022 and generating more than 704 million global media impressions. The success of this partnership highlights the potential of AR in enhancing the promotional strategies for major film releases.

Redefining Tomorrow’s Tech Landscape

Perfect Corp. boasts of having helped many other businesses, with an executive at beauty company Avon sharing, “We’ve seen a 320% increase in conversion rates for customers using our Perfect Corp. virtual try-on.” Perfect Corp.’s AI and AR technologies seem to have proven to be pivotal in transforming business models across various sectors. From enhancing film marketing strategies to revolutionizing online shopping experiences, these technologies have demonstrated their ability to significantly improve customer engagement and drive business growth. Perfect Corp. stands as part of the vanguard of innovation in the beauty and fashion tech sectors, potentially offering opportunities for those looking for companies that are helping lead the charge in digital transformation.

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