Bride reacts to sister-in-law’s warning about ‘low-cut’ wedding dress


Every person is bound to have an opinion when it comes to wedding dresses.

In a recent Reddit post shared to the popular “Am I The A**hole?” subreddit, one woman explained a potential problem that might arise with her brother’s fiancée’s wedding dress.

Her post began by explaining that the dress was “very revealing,” detailing that it was low-cut, had a thigh-high slit, and a sheer back. “I’m all for people wearing what they want, but our family is quite conservative and opinionated, and I know this dress will cause a lot of drama, especially with our grandparents (talking people walking out on the wedding kind of drama),” she wrote.

Despite her respect for her future sister-in-law and her fashion choices, she decided to tell the bride that certain relatives might not approve of the dress. “At a family dinner, I pulled her aside and gently suggested she might want to reconsider her choice, explaining the likely reactions from our older relatives. I made sure to clarify that I absolutely respect it’s her choice and her special day but wanted to at least warn her of what could happen,” the poster explained.

However, the bride appeared to decline the suggestion, as she responded by telling her future sister-in-law that she could wear whatever she wanted to her own wedding. The poster’s brother then got involved, telling his sister that she shouldn’t be trying to control his wedding.

“Some of my family members think I was just looking out for her, while others say I overstepped,” the woman concluded, after asking people to give their opinion on whether or not it was the right thing to do.

After posting, many people turned to the comments to claim that she didn’t handle the situation properly and should have offered to have the bride’s back in case the family did criticize her dress, instead of telling her to just buy a new one.

“The time to mention it would have been before she went shopping. (And even then, remember that it’s just your guess that your grandparents will embarrass themselves by huffing out in front of everyone because of a dress,)” one comment began.

“If she already picked out the dress, she’s likely both emotionally and financially quite invested in it. This is not something she can easily change. It does sound a bit controlling to come to her now – after she’s found the dress she loves – and to tell her she made the wrong choice.”

Another commenter agreed, writing: “Why is your first inclination to tell her to find a different dress, instead of telling her you have her back in case anything comes up. Or better yet, just not telling her anything because that’s a sure fire way to make her feel SUPER insecure about her body during her wedding.”

“You overstepped by a mile,” a third commenter pointed out. “If people decide to walk out of the wedding over the bride’s choice of a wedding dress, good riddance. A wedding is the celebration of the union of two people. If guests walk out over the bride’s gown, they’re attending for all the wrong reasons.”


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