Best guest wedding suits for men 2024: Reiss to Tom Ford


You’ve heard the news, got your ‘save the date’, and congratulated all the necessary parties. Now what? Why, the hunt for the perfect wedding guest suit, of course.

Now begin the weeks upon weeks of tedious scrolling, window shopping and browsing until, finally, you settle on that ill-fitting navy thing shoved at the back of your closet, right? Wrong. We at GQ say that it’s high time to change your ways. And, fear not, we’re here to help you out. As well as picking out our favourite wedding-worthy suits on the online shelves, we’ve answered your biggest nuptial-based qualms ahead of choosing your look for their big day. Scroll on, and may the size runs be ever in your favour.

What are men wearing to weddings in 2024?

You can’t always be the best man or a groomsman, but you can always be the best-dressed wedding guest. Realistically, for a good wedding-worthy look you’re going to need a suit jacket, some tailored trousers, some decent formal shoes and (if you’re so inclined) an accessory like an old-school pocket square or a good pair of cufflinks.

When it comes to finding that perfect suit though, there’s a lot to choose from. You’ve got single-breasted, double-breasted, navy, black, pastel-hued or even a check suit. Simply put, it’s all too easy to get overwhelmed. This is where our selection of the best wedding guest suits comes into play. Just scroll on, and see what takes your fancy.

What’s better for a wedding, a two-piece or a three-piece suit?

Ah, the age-old debate of two-piece vs three-piece suits. Whilst your own personal style and interests should guide you the most here, the difference between the two is largely one of formality. If this is a buttoned-up, straight-laced church wedding, then something more classic — like a three-piece — might fit in a little better than at a more casual wedding. But, again, ultimately the decision is yours. Ask yourself: what are you most comfortable in?

What should I wear to a black tie wedding?

Well, and this might sound obvious, you really ought to wear black tie to a black tie wedding. But what does that involve as such? Allow us to paraphrase our own (much more detailed) black tie guide and say that, quite simply, you’ll need a black (pressed, we beg) tux, a white dress shirt, a pair of black formal shoes and always a bow tie. Job done.

We’d recommend:

What should I wear to a more casual wedding?

Maybe this is a second wedding, a more relaxed wedding, or the union of that envy-inducing cool couple that’s oh-so-laissez-faire: either way, it’s a more casual affair. For a more relaxed dress code, wedding guests can take a more modified approach to the typical formal style associated with nuptials. Think about swapping out your dress shirt for a polo shirt or a short-sleeved shirt, and your formal brogues for the more louche, Parisian, loafer.

We’d recommend:

What should I wear to a summer wedding?

Lest you spend the whole of the reception with your arms pinned to your sides for fear of sweat patches, we’d suggest trading in your woollen constructions for a lightweight, Italian-inspired linen option. A growing fascination within tailoring, linen suits are all the rage, and you can pick up a louche linen pick in just about any silhouette your heart should desire. As for accessories, keep things simple, and stick to pale colours that will deflect the sun’s powerful rays.


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