8 Fashion Trends for 2024 French Women Are Backing


When it comes to determining the next big trends, the runway is usually the first place I turn. After all, the designer collections are where the most notable fashion movements start, so it’s always interesting to see them untainted and in their original form. From there, I like to take to Instagram to see how these trends translate in real life; by way of actual outfits. If something has made the leap from the catwalk to TikTok, I know it holds merit. Taking this a step farther, I thought I’d narrow my research even further, specifically looking at the fashion trends French people are backing for 2024. Why? Because I appreciate their nuanced approach to trends.


We often talk about how the French aesthetic is heavily built on wardrobe classics, never-date pieces that make getting dressed a simplified process. And while this stands to reason, I have noticed that the recent looks of the French people are closely following and mirroring some of 2024’s overarching trends.